During the 2006 SALA Festival, Hugh Davies working with Analogue Art Map presented Map Me; a network mapping exhibition at the Grace Emily Hotel and Gallery in Adelaide, South Australia.

Visitors to the exhibition were invited to pin a note, a drawing, a business card or anything else representing themselves to the gallery wall. Using wool provided, visitors were then asked to "hyperlink" themselves to other visitors present on the wall that they new. If you did not know anyone, you were encouraged to meet someone in the Gallery or at the bar new to link up to.

Like much of Analogue Art Maps work, Map Me allows the audience to be the primary creators of the art by allowing them to express themselves in a creativly safe and fun environment.

Referenceing social networking web sites such as and, Map Me playfully adresses social mapping in digital cultures. In keeping with the Analogue Art Map manifesto, the work uses entirely lofi material such as wool, paper and cardboard, materials that the group believes when used correctly, can explain the most complicated digital concepts.

Over the course of the 2 week exhibition many Adelaideans visited the Grace Emily and contributed to the work adding themselves as nodes to the knitted database of the room. By the end of the exhibition period, the gallery had become so filled with wool representing the social connections between the visitors that the room was almost impossible to enter.

Analogue Art Map would like to thank all thise who attended for creating this work and for helping to map Adelaides social networks.

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