Culture 360

In line with the idea of “creating intersections and meeting places”, has developed along the Summit, its first generative network project in collaboration with Analogue Art Map.
The map is shaping up

The idea was to give a visual and physical representation to the comments of the members of the community as well as to the delegates that where at the Summit. The result is a collaborative work that starts with the answers to the online survey “how are the arts a catalyst for change in today’s society?”, and expands to include thoughts and expectations more related to the Summit itself.

Next Wave

During Next Wave Festival 2010, Analogue Art Map presented an collaborative mapping project within Stranger of the Month. Visitors to the temporary mailroom at Office 10, Level 3, Nicholas Building, Melbourne, were invited to submit maps to favorite places or hidden treasure.

Stranger of the Month included works by select artists whose practice involves intervention in public space: Rebecca Cannon, Panther, Nathalie Quagliotto, Jason Maling, Lucas Ilhein and Analogue Art Map.

Stranger of the Month also invites you to contribute instructions via the website.


December 2009 Jan 2010 Platform Artist Space
Analogue Art Map invites all of Melbourne to draw maps to miscellaneous locations around the city. Just come along and draw your own maps for someone else to follow. The maps can point visitors to favorite hidden city spots, lead followers on a treasure hunt or be directions to stashed objects of desire. All maps, mappers and map followers welcome. Materials provided for the unprepared.

The Mapping Room

An Installation & Symposium: 25th Sept to the 4th Oct 2009
Head Quarters became The Mapping Room as part of The Melbourne Fringe Festival 2009. The Mapping Room charted both the concrete and the fleeting using live art, SMS, drawing, video and a lecture series to explore notions of scale, temporality and human geography.
Head Quarters was divided into cartographic sections with each section being inhabited by a different artists or company including: En Route by bettybooke, Take Off Your Skin (TOYS) by WELL, Emma Rochester, Robbie Dixon, Kelly Ryall, Analogue Art Map, Lara Thoms, Deadpan and more.

Pro -Tribute

On the 19th of June Analogue Art Map presented a mapping work as part of the exhibition Pro -Tribute at Darwin's 24HR Art – Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art.
Curated by Hugh Davies, Pro -Tribute presents a series of artists from Australia and Asia whose practice requires active participation from the audience for the works to be fully realised. Pro – Tribute includes work from Pip Shea, Lynn Lu, Analogue Art Map, Unreasonable Adults, Kerrie-Dee Johns and Jon Tjhia.

MAP ME at Art at the Heart Conference

The collaborative installation Map Me took place in the foyer of the Alice Springs Convention Centre throughout Art at the Heart Conference in October 2008.

Delegates and visitors are invited to bring a picture or a business card to the conference to stick on the wall and connect their presence to the people they know. As the exhibition and the conference progresses, the walls will be filled with representations of individuals while the room comes to life with threads of connections. Thanks to everyone who took part. Special thanks to to Nicky Schonkala, Kieren Sanderson, Andrew Moynihan and James Spiers.

The Map Show

In April 2008, Analogue Art Map presented several sculptural works within The Map Show at the Rockland Centre for the Arts In New York.

Curated by Vandana Jain The Map Show explores maps as a chart, timeline, treasure map, family tree, blueprint, traveling from the realm of information into the subjective areas of truth and identity. These maps are crafted in wire and use the many maps sent to the Analogue Art Map for inspiration.

For more information on the exhibition, visit the Rockland centre for the arts website:

For a review of the work see the New York Times article: