What is Analogue Art Map?

Analogue Art Map employs non digital media to address issues of digital technologies particularly within the realm of creativity. Through architectural interaction, mapping social networks and psycho cartography, the group seeks to both record and generate connections between creative individuals and the spaces in which they live.

Analogue Art Map strives to continue its ground breaking work using only obsolete technology. Over the past five years, Analogue Art Map have created, presented, collected and recorded several works which are now permanamtly housed in the Art Map Archive in Australia.

Althought the use of digital technology to create contradicts the Analogue Art Map credo, the group have permitted the digital publication of select records from the Archives for the sake of distribution and posterity.

What is Analogue?

Information that is represented as continuously varying wave forms as opposed to discreet packages.
Old school technology‚ non digital.

What is Art?

An aesthetic expression of human creativity.

What is Map?

A simplified depiction of a space.

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